Sarah Wood

I come from a family of painters and artists of various kinds.  I had never “practiced” anything much myself — I had painted for a few weeks a few times, but just enough to prove to myself that I could do it if I wanted. Then one day a few years ago, in a craft IMG_1243-004fair I was wandering through, I saw some silk scarves that had been painted by hand by a talented artist. They made my eyes pop, and they pulled at my painter’s genes.

They also pulled at another family trait. My mother kept a nice collection of scarves from which, as a kid, I would “borrow.” Several of her scarves were hand-me-downs, the best being from my grandfather, her father in law. As a child, I loved the way they made my mother look, and I loved the way they made me feel when I put one on.

I bought more than one scarf from that artist that day, but I also began to consider painting silk myself.  Eventually it happened that I had an unexpected block of free time and, almost casually, I got the equipment and supplies together and began painting.  Before a month was out, I wasn’t doing much else.  Friends and relatives told me they wanted to buy them from me.  So I painted and painted, and here I am, still painting them.  And, since I keep painting them, I have to sell them.

I offer them to you in all their color and luster and spirit.


Guess what happened the other day in the gift shop of the Metropolitan Museum of Art? I was standing wearing the scarf I bought from you three weeks ago and examining the scarves they had for sale. I didn’t see even one I liked as much as the ones you showed me. They were rather cliched and really expensive. Then a woman who was standing near me said, “Excuse me, would you mind telling me where you got the scarf you are wearing?” I did not have your card with me so I could only tell her your name. Hope she can find you.                                S. Freeman, New York City

Your work is just gorgeous. I don’t know whether to wear it or hang it on the wall. T. Chuu, New York City.

Customer, looking around at scarves displayed at a show, “This is like a candy store!”

Husband of customer, looking around while his wife chose a scarf, “This is museum-quality work!”