A Flutter of Color

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IMG_8139A great silk scarf is greatly useful – functionally, esthetically, and emotionally.  With a flip of one end of the lustrous length, you are – effortlessly! – dressed.  You achieve moods to go out in the world, or to inhabit your own. The very moment you take it in hand, you somehow know how useful it will be, and how you will experience wearing it.  You will feel comfort and satisfaction, warmth or airy caress, soft elation, color consonance and resonance, and a small private pleasure in its flutter while you walk . . . and you look in the mirror to see if it is true, this improvement in the here and now: Yup, there it is!

IMG_3167Each scarf is a painting unique in its artistry, and whether that be unplanned and unexpected or a careful and skillfully controlled quasi-classicism, or both at once, the sinuous and serpentine length or the triangulated square of silk wrapping the neck or draping the frame or topping the shoulders or lighting the face does so with a spark and a flare of art in keenly realized relationships within and between color and pattern. Sometimes the spark is made within the restraint of practiced skill in the use of pattern and color, and sometimes what so pleases the eye is the record of a spontaneous motion of hand in a surprising and unaccountable use of pattern and color, the trace of odd dares and fortuitous jabs and dabbles that interact well enough to please the painter sufficiently to allow her to hope that it will eventually please the viewer and the wearer of the scarf in a similar way.

Each painting will not recur; I may achieve an echo of a particularly happy painting that came before, but I will never repeat it. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

So, put one of these silken works of declarative or subtle or evocative art on  – twine the color and pattern around your neck, gather it under your face, fling it over your shoulder, tie it around your head, knot it between your breasts or at your throat, and see how the patterns of lustrous color seem to light your face, bestow grace to your frame, impart glow to your skin and eyes, and – not necessarily unseen – to your spirit?  You are enhanced – and so also is that shirt, that blouse, that dress, and even that tee shirt!

What better gift than a superlatively useful hand-painted silk scarf, a small heirloom-to-be?  To yourself, or to a friend, IMG_9204sister, daughter, mother – (or husband or brother!  Some of my scarves would please any man needing to look sharp just once in a while, and a few of them would delight the more uncommon sort, the guy with a talent for habitually garnering double-takes and stealthy third appraisals.)

That future heirloom might actually be a rather big one, a silk painting chosen to be spread full on a wall and gazed at from across a room by many sets of eyes for many years.